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Dom Pérignon and Dylan Lewis Celebrate the Power of Creation

Past: Summer 2018

An unparalleled experience at the Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden
Text from Private Edition 

A creative force unites Richard Geoffroy, Dom Pérignon Chef de Cave and the sole creator of its matchless vintages, and Dylan Lewis, one of South Africa’s revered creative artists. This first step in the exceptional Dom Pérignon P2 journey saw the confluence of a vision to create the best wine in the world and an artistic vision and talent so powerful as to elevate South African sculpture onto the global stage.

Indeed, Geoffroy has absolute faith in the Power of Creation, the very source and principle of his inspiration. Each Dom Pérignon Vintage is a distinct act of creation and the commitment to vintage is absolute. Each vintage wine is created from the best grapes grown in one single year – a true challenge for a unique interpretation of the seasons, and for reinvention.

‘We must express our ideal, our singularity, striving always towards an absolute. It is a quest without end, where the inspiration keeps its mystery, for Dom Pérignon to reinvent itself with each vintage,’ says Geoffroy.

In their work, Richard Geoffroy and Dylan Lewis have developed a similar thinking; they are both motivated by a common ambition to create and to share the power of their creations with the world. While Geoffroy is creating new vintages and constantly reinventing new ways to express Dom Pérignon, Lewis continues pushing the creative boundaries of sculpture as we know it. There could be no more perfect backdrop than the Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden to begin the Dom Pérignon P2 journey in South Africa. The experience, this meeting of two visionary creators – one who is solely reliant on nature’s gift of a harvest to create his offering, and then a sculptor who has worked with nature to create the ultimate canvas for his pieces of art – saw guests immersed in an unforgettable journey.

‘At Dom Pérignon, we believe in the power of creation and we believe in Vintage only –only in exceptional years do we release a Dom Pérignon Vintage. Nature plays a significant role in the creation of our wines. Only the best grapes, from the best vineyards and from nature’s best years are used… and this celebration and deep respect for nature and creativity is where I see the powerful synergy between Dylan Lewis and Dom Pérignon,’ comments Pascal Asin, Moët Hennessy Managing Director for Africa and the Middle East.

Special guests journeyed through the Dom Pérignon range of wines, namely Dom Pérignon Vintage 2006, Dom Pérignon P2 and Dom Pérignon Rosé, whilst taking in the magical work of Dylan Lewis in a setting so unique, it created a sense of emotion that was indescribable. Indeed, a visit to the Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden is like entering into a magical world of expansive landscapes and views, smells, sights and sounds.

The experience will forever be remembered as an unparalleled creative experience, as guests decoded the wine, immersing themselves in its philosophy and rarity in the most magnificent of settings – a place as extraordinary as is possible to find anywhere on earth.

The pivotal moment arrived as guests tasted Dom Pérignon P2 1998, experiencing first-hand the burst of intensity and energy. The experience revealed Dom Pérignon’s Second Plénitude in an unforgettable moment, drinking P2 in the most glorious of settings, the perfect harmony between the rhythm of nature, art and this exceptional wine.


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