Emblems Of Freedom


Dylan Lewis’s father, Robin Lewis, was a successful sculptor of primarily the bird form. Initially, Dylan preferred painting and drawing to sculpture, but the tragedy of Robin’s premature death changed the young artist’s trajectory forever: Within weeks, he found himself in his father’s studio, attempting to sculpt birds. His earliest works were heavily influenced by Robin’s style. To Dylan, birds were symbols of freedom as he subconsciously sought refuge from an emotionally inhibiting upbringing.
Fish Eagle (S037)
Flying Red-Billed Teal Brace (S041)
Barn Owl (S008)
Running Guinea Fowl Brace (S013)
Rock Kestrel (S001)
Cape Wagtail I (S117)
Sleeping Quail Covey (S015)
Glossy Starling I (S106)

Dylan has grouped the sculptures within the garden not as a response to a conscious plan but rather, as he describes it, through a process that unfolded intuitively over many years, in which certain sculptures seemed to ‘gather’ into distinct areas.

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