Rising Masculinity

Male Shamanic Figures

These figures heralded Lewis’s internal shift from an overly strong attunement to the feminine to a healing reconnection with masculinity. The naked male body became a canvas for explosive animal energy. Tormented poses express the vital internal battle between wildness and tameness. Ritualistic animal skull masks both conceal and reveal a wild self, while hinting at the psychological death awaiting us if we are unable to find ways of expressing our wild, intuitive, authentic nature while passing through the different phases of life.
Male Trans-Figure I (S278)
Male Trans-Figure III (S276)
Male Trans-Figure III (S276)
Male Trans-Figure X Maquette (S299)
Male Trans-Figure V (S283)
Male Trans-Figure VII (S290)
Male Trans-Figure I (S278) & Male Trans-Figure IX (S360)
Untitled (S285)
Male Trans-Figure XVII (S344)
Male Trans-Figure I (S278) & Male Trans-Figure XIII Maquette (S302)
Male Trans-Figure II (S277)

Dylan has grouped the sculptures within the garden not as a response to a conscious plan but rather, as he describes it, through a process that unfolded intuitively over many years, in which certain sculptures seemed to ‘gather’ into distinct areas.

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